Work With Me

Managing your marketing probably isn’t you most favourite thing on this earth. You love to write, draw, sing, coach and all the other things, but marketing isn’t one of them. I get it. You don’t want to spend an entire day trying to piece an email sequence together (frankly, the tech part is driving you nuts!) when you can spend your time better elsewhere, on the things you love, like walking along the beach or taking a nap 🙂

You’re at a place in your business where the ways of figuring everything out don’t work anymore. Because you’ve grown and your business has grown, and you don’t have to do this alone.

Picture this, you hand over your marketing to a trusted team member who takes care of every task for you. Your social media posts are going up every day, your email automation runs smoothly and you don’t even have to think about it. Feels amazing right? You feel free. Instead of working in your business 24/7, you have now created flexible, worry-free hours where you can spontaneously take time off to do whatever you want.

You may have been through this process before and it didn’t work out. Instead of feeling amazing, it felt worrying. You weren’t sure if your business was in good hands. Sure, you could go back to figuring out everything on your own, but WHY go through the same cycle again? The good news is, this time it’s different. Here’s what some of my clients have to say about working with me:

Jenn Hand (Denver, Colorado, USA)


Three words for you: Hire Esther Now  The only hesitation I had before working with Esther was that I didn’t know her and wasn’t sure if I could “trust” her. However, working with Esther was incredible! There wasn’t a question she didn’t have an answer to! No matter what I needed help with, she found the way to solve it. Her tech skills amazed me, her timeliness was superb, and she was my go-to person for so many different issues. She helped me during two launches (and was so responsive and helpful), created a kickass membership site and took care of ALL of my headaches. I was so glad to have found her.

Kris Emery (Brisbane, Australia)


Esther was in the right place at the right time when I needed her, and I had no hesitation in signing her on. I loved our working relationship from the start because she seizes initiative and is forthcoming with creative ideas and suggestions, as well as walking you through the practical things you need to know.

Before we worked together, my social media was sporadic, inconsistent, and not at all visual. She adds the creative visual side and keeps me consistent and accountable. I have peace of mind that my social media is ticking over without needing to be online more and without me having to get more consistent myself. Esther goes above and beyond with her organisation and attention to detail. Which is what I appreciate so much, as I’m not that kind of person at all.

Jennifer Gabiola (Houston, Texas, USA)


For years I knew I needed someone to help me. When Esther came into my life, it just felt very effortless. I reached out to her and woah, I’m telling you, Esther is like a God-sent. She is super organized, meticulous, pro-active, kind and generous. She was even thinking of things that I wasn’t even thinking of myself. It’s amazing! Esther went even beyond what I was asking for. She has just made my life so much easier.

If you know this is what you need, schedule a call here and we’ll see if this is a right fit for you.